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PIA to Start New Flight Operations to Cities of China & Saudi Arabia

PIA is planning to start new flights to cities of China and Saudi Arabia. As per PIA Spokesperson Mashood Tajwar PIA is planning on starting new flights to Chinese City Guangzhou and Saudi Arabia cities, Taif and Al-Qasim.

He also talked about the new Islamabad International Airport, saying that it is equipped with the current, modern facilities which will help boost the economy of Pakistan.

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Govt of Pakistan tweeted, “PIA is planning to start new flights for Chinese City Guangzhou & Taif & Al-Qasim cities of Saudi Arabia. The New Islamabad International Airport is equipped with the latest facilities & will help boost the economy.”

Talking about the New Islamabad International Airport, it has been officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The first flight from Karachi landed at 11 am at the New Islamabad International Airport on May 1st. PK-300 carrying 150 travelers landed at the new airport. Also, the first flight departed from the airport for Karachi at 12.30 pm.

Even though PIA is planning on increasing its flight operations to the cities of Guangzhou, Taif & Al-Qasim, the national flag carrier of Pakistan is suffering financially & strategically.

FBR has just frozen all PIA bank accounts. PIA had to pay Rs. 10 million federal excise duty to FBR but PIA was unable to pay to FBR. Thus FBR in response has frozen all PIA bank accounts. As all PIA accounts have been frozen, it is now difficult for PIA to acquire fuel for its aircraft as it is not able to pay its suppliers.

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As PIA clearly does not have a stable financial situation, how will it start operations on new routes?