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PIA to Start Flights on Two New International Routes

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is planning to add four new aircraft to its fleet. By adding these aircraft PIA will be able to fly on new routes that are Sialkot to Barcelona and Lahore to Bangkok.

PIA to Start Flights on Two New International Routes

PIA President and CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik addressed the PIA employees and revealed that PIA has already started implementation on the expansion of its fleet. Soon the national carrier will add aircraft and enhance its access all over the globe.

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He said, “We have already started Sialkot-Sharjah and Lahore-Muscat routes and the results are very encouraging. Very soon we are going to launch flights on Sialkot- Barcelona and Lahore-Bangkok sectors.”

Adding, “We will go strictly according to route rationalization policy and new viable routes will be introduced.”

By the mid of 2019, PIA will be able to add new aircraft, following the aviation policy.

PIA spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar said, “First we need to see the availability of aircraft and then the viability of price.”

Both wide and narrow-body aircraft will be added by PIA. The aircraft that are narrow-body will have 150 to 250 seat capacity while the wide-body aircraft will have 250 seats.

The aircraft will be acquired on dry lease. It will try to add two wide-body and two narrow-body planes to its fleet. Presently PIA has 32 aircraft. Every day these aircraft run around 110 to 120 flights. If 4 new aircraft are added, it will increase the PIA fleet to 36 planes. This will also increase the number of flights.

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