PIA to Spend over Rs. 11 Crore to Re-decorate Each Plane With the New Logo – Research Snipers

PIA to Spend over Rs. 11 Crore to Re-decorate Each Plane With the New Logo

As per a financial expert, Pakistan International Airlines is re-designing all its planes at a cost of $1.5 million per plane. As per the official announcement, PIA will now have the logo of Pakistan’s national animal Markhor on its tail and engines. It may sound great but this re-painting will come at a huge price.

The reason PIA is painting Markhor on its fleet is that it wants to preserve the national animal of Pakistan. PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar said, “This is the first brand change in 10 years. Markhor is our national animal which can be found in the mountainous regions of Pakistan.”

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As per Athar Ansari a finance expert, this will cost PIA millions of dollars. On each plane, the cost of the painting will be almost $1 to 1.5 million. Just for a new logo, such a huge cost is shocking. Furthermore, the repainting of a plane is done after 25 year’s gap while PIA just changed its logo in 2010.

The CEO of PIA said, “Official logo of PIA has been changed with the image of national animal Markhor and administration of the national carrier constantly trying to achieve the target to make PIA a top of the list airline of the world.”

Advisor on Aviation said, “ I appreciate this effort of rebranding the airline’s image. Markhor is the national animal, it is a fighter and does not lose heart in hard times,” said the adviser on aviation.”

The upgraded planes by PIA will be revealed at the inauguration ceremony of the new Islamabad International Airport or now named Liaquat Ali Khan International Airport. The redesigning is not being done with consensus. Within the PIA staff, management and officials there is a dispute upon the re-painting of the aircraft with Pakistan’s national animal Markhor’s logo.