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PIA to Resume Regular Flight Operations to the UAE


It has been announced that PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) is resuming its regular flight operation to the UAE from today (Thursday). The spokesperson of PIA Abdullah Hafeez Khan said that the travelers will now be able to travel to Sharjah, Dubai, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi from Pakistan through PIA’s regular flights.

The ticket bookings and purchasing can be done through corporate websites, PIA offices, and through its travel agents. All the passengers will have to get themselves tested 48 hours before the flight departure and negative tests report will have to be presented at the check-in time.

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Earlier, Pakistan was only operating a one-way relief flight to the United Arab Emirates to bring back Pakistanis stuck there in UAE. But now the airlines have attained permission to operate regular flights for the convenience of the passengers.

The passengers willing to travel will have to submit their coronavirus test results for which they have to fill in the health declaration form available online. Although there is no health center for coronavirus tests authorized by PIA for the passengers.

Recently, the aviation authority of UAE asked Pakistan Aviation o provide detailed information regarding the qualifications of their pilots in order to guarantee the safety of the flights. The request was made as recently the aviation minister of Pakistan said that one-third of the country’s pilots have gained their flying licenses falsely.

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