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PIA to Operate Special Flights to Canada and the UK

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PIA has taken the decision of operating special flights to the UK and Canada, as per the spokesperson of the airline.

Pakistan International Airlines has decided to run special flights to London, Toronto and Manchester.

The first flight would be flying to Toronto, Canada from Lahore on the 27th of April. The second flight would be taking off for Manchester, from the federal capital on the 28th of April after which another one would fly to London from the capital city on the same day.

The spokesperson of the national carrier has said that the bookings for the 3 special flights have started.

On the other hand, the CEO of PIA has directed to transform the Karachi Airport Hotel into a quarantine centre amid the massive epidemic of all times that has hit the globe.

When Pakistan is experiencing the outbreak of coronavirus and many cities are under lockdown, the government is striving to make the lives of the citizens better. It has announced a special economic relief package, that is solely targeted for the daily wagers.

Daily wagers are the ones who are to get most affected owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has recently announced to give relief to the citizens by offering them to pay their electricity bills in 3 instalments.

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