PIA to Operate on 13 International Routes


Pakistan International Airlines has announced that for the revival of the national airline, PIA would be operating on 13 International routes.

A spokesperson says that Pakistan International Airline s going to send 13 flights on international routes within this month.

Furthermore, the official said that two more flights would become operational from Karachi to Toronto and then the total number of flights to Canada would reach 5.

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Seven additional flights to Jeddah would become functional making the total number of flights to 42 from Pakistan via Jeddah. Also, there will be 2 weekly flights between Quetta and Jeddah from the 28th of October, and per week 2 flights from Multan to Dubai and Riyadh.

From the 14th of October the airline would resume its functioning from Islamabad to Kuala Lumpur. PIA is also aiming to increase the number of flights from Islamabad to Birmingham.

The spokesperson says that this way the Airline would be able to have their revenues increased as they are quite very popular all over the world.

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