PIA to Introduce New Rules for in-flight Meal Services amid Coronavirus


On Wednesday, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) introduced new rules for the in-flight meals in the middle of the second wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan.

As per the reports, Arshad Malik PIA CEO Air Marshal has approved all the new rules for the in-flight meal service for domestic and international flights.

According to the new rules, there has been a ban on the provision of drinks and food through the trolley during the flight.

The national flag carrier decided to issue new SOPs to its attendants in the wake of the second COVID-19 wave that is underway in Pakistan.

As per the new rules, club sandwiches, patties, snacks, muffins, and bananas will be served in the meal for the flights going to Saudi Arabia.

PIA said that it has decided to take new safety measures in order to minimalize the contact of both the passengers and the crew members.

Previously on November 22nd, PIA also launched the flexible timings system for its employees to mark their attendance through biometric machines.

A notification was issued by the Chief Human Resources Officer of PIA which stated that the national flag carrier has introduced flexible timings for its employees in order to avoid a crowd around the biometric machines.

Flexible timings came into effect from November 23rd. According to PIA, if an employee marks their attendance at 8 am in the morning, then he/she can leave by 4:30 pm. Likewise, if anyone is marking his/her attendance at 8:30 am, then he/she can leave at 5 pm.

All airline staffers have to spend around 8 hours and 30 minutes minimum.

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