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PIA to have 10% female quota while recruiting pilots – LHC

Lahore High Court (LHC) has given a directive to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to have 10% female quota while recruiting pilots.

A petition was filed by Komal Zafar who was a hopeful applicant for a pilot job. She complained that PIA is ignoring women quota in its advertisements for new recruitments and calling it “unconstitutional”.

LHC judge Farrukh Farhan Khan has accepted the petition. He has also issued a stay order on the recruitment process till the final verdict is issued.

Komal Zafar said that despite the order given by the court to halt recruitment process of pilots, the airlines have not stopped. They are recruiting without having any female quota. She has asked the court to charge PIA officials with contempt of court.

Once all the arguments were heard Justice Khan gave an order to PIA to again start the hiring procedure and include 10% female quota.

It is pertinent to mention here that the national airline of Pakistan, PIA is in a terrible state today. It won’t be wrong to say that PIA is just a dying airline, desperately in need of a shoulder. The government has given approval of the splitting of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)’s non-core business and assets. Thus, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) privatization is being discussed with three available options.

Even though the airline is trying to restore its old glory through discount offers, and celebrations of ‘Spring’ on board with gift and dances but this is not enough. Corruption, greediness, inequality, inefficiency, and lack of performance are the traits that are used to describe the airline today. They have to change their image, give importance to the women along with men, hire efficient individuals and work together for effective solutions if they want to improve their image. Otherwise, by the looks of it, the airline’s reputation is going down with each passing day.

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