PIA To Cut Employees’ Salaries Up To 25 Percent

PIA Head office

PIA management has cut the salaries of employees by 25 percent. According to the statement issued by the PIA management, 10% of the salary of employees with a salary of Rs. 1 to 2 lakh, 15% of the salary of Rs. 2 to 3 lakh, 20% reduction of 3 to 4 lakh and 25% salaries of the employees have been reduced having salary more than 5 lakh. According to the PIA spokesperson, the salaries of employees earning less than Rs 100,000 have not been reduced.

According to the spokesperson, the decision to reduce salaries has been taken due to financial difficulties. It should be noted that recently the PIA administration had announced an extraordinary profit of Rs 8 billion. The PIA Senior Staff Association and the Pilots’ Association PALPA have reacted strongly to the pay cuts, calling it an employee-oriented attitude. Safdar Anjum, general secretary of the PIA Senior Staff Association (SASA), has called on the government to intervene in the affairs of the airline and curb the anti-employee policy of the management so that all employees can perform their duties better.

He said that the non-payment of bonuses and a reduction in salaries after the announcement of a profit of Rs 8 billion by the airline was unjustified and unfair. The airline had declared a profit in May 2020. The reason is that there should be no reduction in salaries and there are reports that the federal government is increasing salaries by 20% in the next budget while the PIA management is reducing the salaries of its employees.

Enforcing the service law, the HR department had assured all the employees’ associations that the salaries of any employee would not be reduced but the deduction was announced only after one month, Safdar Anjum clarified. On the one hand, salaries have been reduced by up to 25% and on the other hand, the Auditor General of Pakistan According to the report, PAF officers who are serving on deputation have been paid double salaries. The pilots‘ organization PALPA has also criticized it saying that on one hand, the pilots are under severe pressure. On the other hand, their salaries are being reduced.

A spokesman for PAPLA said no cuts have been made in any government agency. “Medical and non-medical personnel fighting on the front line are being given extra allowances and salaries, but pilots who are stuck on the front line and Pakistanis stranded abroad Instead of giving them any extra allowance, on the contrary, their salaries are being reduced. He clarified that there has been no increase in salaries in PIA for the last six years.

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