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PIA to Apply Additional Charges for Bulkhead Seats

bulkhead seats

The Pakistan International Airline has decided to apply additional charges for the bulkhead seats.

Bulkhead seats are the ones which are behind a bulkhead, which separates the business class passengers from the economy class. The seats are liked and preferred by some people owing to the reason that they have got more legroom and there is no seat which would recline into one’s face.

People would now have to pay an extra Rs5,000 for the bulkhead seat while travelling to the United States, Rs3,000 extra for travelling to London and Europe, Rs2,000 for the Gulf countries and Rs1,000 when travelling within Pakistan.

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The bulkhead seats were earlier given on request to the people.

Previously, the national flag carrier surged the baggage charges on the domestic flights.

As per the decision, starting from the 1st of April PIA have defined the rates on additional luggage. The rates are about Rs5,000 if the luggage is more than 20kg during a local flight.

It is pertinent to mention that this rate Is double of what the private airlines charge.

Pakistan International Airlines is bent on bringing reforms for the purpose of betterment in the overall quality and services of the airline.

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