PIA terminates seven pilots over licensing issue


The national air carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has sacked seven pilot licenses after the licenses were canceled by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

According to a PIA official, the pilots that include a few first officers have been given termination letters. The license revocation letters have been issued after the approval of the government by the Director-General CAA.

The Airline Transport Pilot licenses of 48 PIA pilots got suspended earlier. They were given a couple of weeks to file their respective replies.

Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan presented an initial report on the PIA plane crash in Karachi. 40% of the pilots were flying with questionable licenses.

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The minister said, “Pakistan has 860 active pilots, which includes [pilots employed by] PIA, Serene Air, and Air Blue. The inquiry which was initiated in February 2019 showed that 262 pilots did not give the [pilot’s] exam themselves and asked someone else to give it on their behalf.”

Adding, “Pilots are also appointed on a political basis, unfortunately. Whilst appointing pilots, merit is ignored.”

Following this statement, PIA was banned from entering the airspace of numerous countries. Also, the pilots that received the credentials from the CAA were stranded.

Also, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency suspended the authorization of Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) to fly to the bloc for 6 months. It was a major blow to the operations of PIA.

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