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PIA Takes Decision over Fleet Enlargement

fleet enlargement

PIA has taken a decision over fleet enlargement.

Pakistan International Airlines—PIA has taken the decision of increasing the number of its domestic flights on a per-day basis and to lease 5 more flight to new routes to international countries.

Mashhad Tajur—the PIA spokesman confirmed that the arrival of these 5 aircraft would be surging the number of aircraft in the fleet to thirty-six.

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As per the details, the PIA administration has taken the decision to operate 1 flight every 3 to 4 hours for domestic routes, especially Islamabad and Lahore.

Presently, there are 4 flights operating from morning to night for the Federal capital and 3 for the provincial capital of Punjab, which has been decided to surge to 6 for Islamabad and 5 for Lahore.

As per sources, Azerbaijan is to start direct flights to Pakistan from next year. The news was shared by the Azerbaijan Ambassador to Pakistan on Thursday.

The ambassador was of the belief that the commencement of direct flights would boost tourism in Azerbaijan and would increase the number of tourists from Pakistan and South Asia.

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