PIA Suspends Lunch and Dinner Facility for Staff on International Flights


Lunch and dinner facility has been suspended by Pakistan International Airways (PIA) for its crew and staff members amidst the coronavirus lockdown in foreign countries.

The facility was given to the staff members to limit their movement and prevent the virus spread. Thus the crew was served meals at their hotel rooms.

However, through an email the crew members were informed that this facility will not be given anymore. They are informed that the breakfast will be given as before.

Due to this decision the pilots and crew members that are bringing stranded Pakistanis back home from other countries may have to face difficulties.

It is pertinent to mention here that PIA earlier suspended its meal services on its flights to Middle East countries on 12th May due to coronavirus. A letter was issued in which it was stated that PIA will just provide juice and beverages to passengers.

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“As per Management’s Directive, only beverage service (water, soft drinks, juices & Black/Green Tea & Coffee) for pax (passengers) will be uplifted on all middle-east sector flights i.e. Pak-Middle-East-Pak, till further instruction.”

Also, the cockpit and cabin crew members will be given breakfast as well. Globally flight carriers are taking decisions to control the spread of coronavirus.

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