PIA substandard painting exposed after spending Millions on revamping aircraft

After spending more than 3.4 million rupees on one plane to get it rebranded and repainted. The repainted planes of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) are fading out.

The national carrier PIA had decided to revamp its aircraft with a new markhor Logo on it and repainting all the planes. The company earlier this month had announced that it will start operations on newly branded planes soon.

However, the strong reaction came from the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP), the court ordered PIA management to stop refurbishing PIA’s aircraft and focus on improving operations and performance. The court had directed PIA to stop removing the National Flag from the tails of the aircraft and replace them with markhor logos until further notice.

However, before appearing at the court PIA had already painted an Airbus A320 with new logos, the CEO told the court that they have spent 3.4 million Rupees on one plane to get it rebranded with new logos and paint.

The inferior quality of paint

With just a month after PIA painted the Airbus 320 the color is coming out, the cracks have appeared on the surface of the paint and the painted words. The color and paint are of a very low quality which is expected to crack and fade further with more flights—ARY reported.

The painted plane is shown in the images, this is the fifth time PIA is repainting its planes in the last 25 years and changing its logo in the last ten years, the total cost of repainting and revamping one aircraft is Rs3.5 million. PIA is replacing the logo with national animal Markhor (Ibex).

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