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PIA Starts Repair of Its Planes

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has started the renovation of its aircraft present in its fleet as to improve the services at the cost of millions of rupees.

The national carrier’s spokesperson informed on Sunday that the refurbishment programme would not be affecting the normal flight operations as planes would be treated one by one. There is a total of eleven A-320 planes which requires overhauling or repairing along with twelve B-777 of various types and offering different seating capacities. The repair cost of each plane would approximately be costing a minimum of rupees one million.

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The overhauling includes changing carpets, seat covers, deep cleansing and repaint of emblems if need be. When inquired that whether the during-flight entertainment system would be made operational to that the spokesperson replied that it was not included in the refurbishment process. It is important to mention that in-flight entertainment system (IES) is one major attraction especially during longer flights but unfortunately the airline is not paying much attention towards its restoration.

The national carrier’s crew and ground staff was already not serving properly to the travelers, attitudes of male hosts and air hostesses was also not a very pleasing thing to talk about and to top it all the quality of meals served during the flights were also not meeting the international standards.

A few days back it was unveiled that after appointing a disqualified contractor, the PIA’s catering department served unhygienic food to the passengers costing rupees thirty-two million. No action or whatsoever was taken by the top management against this contractor and above all, even the payment was made to this controversial contractor.

A senior PIA official relating the refurbishment said that the partial overhauling of the planes would do nothing to the airline except that it would just be increasing the load on the monetary resources.

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