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PIA Starts a New Route of Direct Flights From Quetta To Jeddah


PIA has officially announced today that the national carrier has started a new route of Direct flights from Quetta to Jeddah. The new route will be operational from October 28, 2019. PIA takes pride in revamping PIA operations and its performance over the past few years.

PIA has been ridden with debt and liabilities during the previous government, however, the current government took drastic measures to fix the national carrier issues and revamp its operations in order to bring the company to profitability.

It has been reported that PIA has significantly reduced its loses over the past 2 years and took strong exemplary measures and marketing strategy to elevate the airline to stand among other world leaders.

PIA Restores Its Cargo Business

PIA has previously opened new local and international routes that have been successful so far, the company has now started yet another new route from Quetta to Jeddah which the firm believes would be a good fit in their expanding network.

The company has recently started Peshawar to Dammam route, earlier the company also started Sialkot to London Heathrow, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Sialkot to Sharjah and some other routes in the past two years, PIA has also given up non-profitable routes in favor of new profitable routes. The firm has increased its flights on Islamabad to Manchester route as well.

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