PIA sales hit 9.5 billion Rupees in October after changing system – Research Snipers

PIA sales hit 9.5 billion Rupees in October after changing system

PIA had made a system change back in September from SABRE to the next generation Passenger Service System (PSS) HIT IT provided by a Turkish company. PIA sales have witnessed an increase and touch Rs9.5 billion in October.

According to PIA official the new system has been quite successful in managing customers and improving passenger services, the overall impact of the system change reflects in overall sales which have been increased to Rs9.5 billion in October.

However, PIA’s new system earlier in September was reported to encounter several glitches which caused system failure and flight delays. It was also reported in October that PIA’s new system has witnessed a drop in sales.

But today, The News reports that PIA has improved its sales after a couple of months, with the passage of time the employees are getting used to the system and are now capable of delivery robust services to the clients.

PIA was using the old SABRE system for the last 18 years which had to be changed in order to keep up with the technology change and higher expectations in customer services. The new system streamlines the operations, services and reduces cost by half, the system will also create more opportunities for the company, said PIA official. The company has sold a total of 5,61,778 tickets using the system and made Rs9.5 billion he added.