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PIA resumes suspended flights to Sharjah and Muscat

The flight operations suspended by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to Muscat and Sharjah have been resumed. The flight operations were suspended for over a year and now they have finally resumed. The commercial department of PIA has decided to expand its services to improve the airline’s market revenue and profit.

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A meeting of the airline was held. It was chaired by Arshad Malik the Chief Executive Officer Air Marshal. In the meeting, the business expansion plan of PIA was discussed.

The airline flight operations of Lahore to Muscat will resume by November 17th. On Saturdays and Sundays, PIA will operate two monthly flights. Therefore after the resumed flights, the total number of PIA flights to Muscat will increase to 9.

Recently PIA also removed the Markhor logo from its aircraft. The PIA spokesperson said that the airline will follow the Supreme Court’s orders and remove the logo. The spokesperson confirmed that the decision to remove the new branding was taken after the Supreme Court ordered PIA to discontinue the Markhor logo.

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