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This PIA reservation story will give you a shock

Someone was booking his flight from Lahore to Karachi on the PIA’s official website, it went all well from the start, from search to flights, from flights to entering the number of passengers and from passengers to payment.

The last part of the online booking really jolted the person and might shock you as well, when he reached the last phase of his booking he came across the details he could ever imagine, everything was perfectly done, the details were all correct and the flight schedule, timing, departure, arrival all ok.

But one thing wasn’t, his reservation code, the code was so awkward which made him think that it was for him or for the PIA itself, since then he is confused and asking people what does that mean?

Is there any possibility the company PIA is trying to generate the codes translated into holidays such as “Chuttiaan” and misspelled it?

Whatever it is but it’s a big corporate cultural blunder, many large companies have committed these kinds of blunders when they expand into other countries with cultural differences. But PIA has no cultural issues then why this happened.