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PIA Reschedules Flights Because of Bad Weather

PIA Reschedules flights

PIA has rescheduled its flights because of bad weather. The national flag carrier has rescheduled several its flights both for the international and domestic routes owing to unfavorable weather conditions, as per the reports of local media.

The PIA has rescheduled a few its flights today owing to widespread rainfall in the various parts of the country and because of foggy weather conditions in the province of Punjab.

Some of the flights that would not be departing on time includes the Islamabad to Madinah and Madinah to Islamabad bound flights PK-713 and PK-714 delayed by 2 hours respectively.

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The other affected flights PK-760 and PK-759, they have been delayed by 2 hours and 40 minutes respectively. A Jeddah-bound flight from Sialkot, PK-745 faced a delay by 6 hours while a 2-hour delay is experienced by a Madinah-bound flight from the airport of Multan.

In the same way, Madinah to Multan flight PK-716 has been delayed by 2 hours.

As per the spokesperson of PIA, the flight schedule was affected owing to the heavy fog conditions and the flights schedule would only be resumed after improvement in visibility.

On the other hand, for facilitating the onboard passengers willing for a class-up upgradation during the international flights, PIA has launched a new scheme.

As per the newly launched scheme the passengers would be able to upgrade their class during the flight.

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