Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will remove the Markhor logo from its planes as PIA has stated that it will not carry the Markhor logo anymore. The PIA spokesperson said that the airline will follow the Supreme Court’s orders and remove the logo. The spokesperson confirmed that the decision to remove the new branding was taken after the Supreme Court ordered PIA to discontinue the Markhor logo.

During the hearing of a case about the losses of PIA, Supreme Court also discussed the PIA’s decision to change its livery. PIA decided to remove Pakistani flag with Markhor logo with an aim to rebrand its aircraft. But now the decision has been taken back. PIA will remove the Markhor logo.

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Earlier PIA PIA added the markhor logo on Airbus A320 with images and videos and the company announced that it will soon start operating the new logo planes. But Supreme Court restricted the company to operate with rebranded images and logos on the planes. And now PIA itself has announced that the new logo will not be used.

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