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PIA, Private Airlines to Increase Fares for Domestic Flights

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The Pakistan International Airlines—PIA and other private airlines have increased the fares for the domestic flights, as per the reports of local media.

The return ticket of Karachi to Islamabad bound flight is being sold at nearly Rs.63,000 with the latest surge.

The national flag carrier is charging Rs.31,540 for Karachi to Islamabad bound passengers and Karachi to Lahore passengers are being asked the fare of Rs.31,000 for a one-way flight.

It is pertinent to mention that the amount of Rs.63 000 or more is being taken from the passengers traveling on international routes, and now after the surge in fares, even the domestic delight passengers are being forced to pay the heavy fares.

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On the 29th of May, PIA and other private airlines also surged their fares after the Civil Aviation Authority—CAA had raised the fuel prices after a sharp increase in the international market and the rising dollar prices.

The increase in fares before Eid created difficulties for the people of the country who makes use of airlines for traveling to their home towns.

After the surge in fares, the price of the Lahore to Karachi ticket is now being sold up to Rs.31,000 from the former Rs.14,000.

Previously, the CAA ended the aeronautical charges on the domestic flights under the new aviation policy, with the intention of giving a boost to tourism.

For the revival of the Aviation Industry, PM Khan ended the aeronautical charges at all of the airports, whereas, NOATM was also given by the aviation industry in this matter.      

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