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PIA Pilot was Not Drunk – PALPA Chief Slams PIA

Pakistan Airlines Pilot Association (PALPA) President, Caption Rizwan Gondal condemned the false allegation against Capt Khayyam for being drunk.

The pilot was operating flight PK 791. The results of blood and urine tests were negative for alcohol and psychoactive substances. The tests began with the breathing test which led to the blood and urine tests.

The pilot has served 28 years in this profession and now his service is also at distrust Capt Rizwan didn’t like the mishandling of media for spreading fake news without any evidence.

His family was also suffering due to this allegation. He also stated that PIA administration was unable to handle the matter professionally which made the issue more serious.

PIA’s repute is also at stake and has to regain the trust of the passengers. He added there is a zero tolerance approach to drinking by PIA. If the tests of the pilot were positive, serious actions would have been taken by the airline.

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A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that a pilot flying under the sway of the alcohol is a major threat to the flight. Capt Rizwan expressed his unhappiness as not only the reputation of PIA is questioned but also of pilots.