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PIA Pakistan Airline is Dying- Report

Let’s forget all the blunders and incidents that PIA encountered in past. Let’s just analyze PIA’s performance of one month. Let’s look at the mistakes made, decisions taken, and position of PIA airline in the month of October 2017.

  1. PIA flight to RahimYar Khan from Abu Dhabi landed at Lahore due to bad weather. Airline staff asked passengers to go to their destinations via bus. When passengers refused PIA staff switched off plane’s air conditioning system thus suffocating the passengers.
  2. PIA has suspended flight operations to New York. PIA is suffering from financial issues and thus the leading airlines of Pakistan have decided to suspend flight operation to the USA.
  3. PIA has suspended routes of three further European destinations that are Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France) and Milan (Italy).
  4. PIA left two coffins behind which it was supposed to take in a flight from New York airport. The coffins were supposed to be taken to Lahore Airport but yet again PIA and blunders go hand in hand.
  5. Airblue is acquiring the surrendered routes of PIA, thus further damaging the position of PIA.
  6. PIA is accused of illegal hiring. The allegation put forward is that while PIA is suffering from financial crisis, many people are appointed on the contract given hefty pay package.
  7. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Riyadh-bound flight PK-755 caught fire as its engine failed. The plane made an emergency landing at Lahore airport.
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This is just past month news about PIA and not even one of it is a good news. PIA has lost its reputation, financially it is dying, blunders and mistakes are increasing day by day so the question is what is the future of PIA? Is there any future? How many times are we going to ‘Let it Go’ with PIA? And the most important question is, if PIA is dying, what is its replacement?