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PIA Offloads Passengers After Woman Opens Emergency Exit by Mistake

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PIA offloaded 37 passengers from a flight to Islamabad after a woman opened the emergency exit by mistake.

The Pakistan International Airlines flight from Manchester to the capital city experienced a delay of more than 7 hours on Friday. The flight passengers were also offloaded after a woman mistakenly opened the emergency exit while the plane was still on the runway.

The woman when asked revealed that she thought the door was of the bathroom.

The flight PK-702 was returning back to Islamabad from Manchester when the incident took place.

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Following the opening of the emergency gate, the flight passengers along with their luggage were offloaded.

The spokesperson of the national flag carrier said that all the flight passengers were settled at the hotels and accommodated on the next flight.

The CEO of PIA has given directives for the investigation of the incident.

As per the recent updates Prime Minister Imran Khan would be inaugurating the Sir Syed Express Train Service on June 30.

The train to be inaugurated would travel through Faisalabad.

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