PIA Offers Railway Service to Passengers going to the UK, Spain

The national air carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is now offering railway service for the passengers traveling to the UK, Spain, Norway, and Canada. PIA has diversified its operation from air travel to rail services.

PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez Khan said, “PIA has announced a new partnership with AccesRail, the world’s leading provider of air-rail intermodal solutions.”

This partnership will enable PIA to use the expertise of AccesRail and allow its passengers to book train tickets in the UK, Spain, Norway and Canada by using the booking platform of PIA or via the travel agent Global Distribution System.

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Code-sharing is arranged by PIA with the company that will the PIA travelers to take their next destination after departing from the airport.

The spokesperson said, “We are increasing connectivity of the national airline.”

For example, PIA just flies to Barcelona in Spain and after that, if the passengers want to visit other cities they can travel by train to them with the same ticket.

This new arrangement will offer easy rail or bus connections at the key gateways of PIA in the UK, Europe and Canada. It will allow passengers to reach those cities and destinations that are not directly served by PIA. Even though travelers can purchase train tickets separately it will cost them more in comparison to the code-sharing deal of PIA with AccesRail.

The spokesperson said, “The step is part of PIA’s policy of increasing its connectivity. According to the new PIA policy, it will increase the number of destinations without opening new routes on its own. It already has a code-sharing deal with Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines.”

Adding, “PIA has targeted 10% of total sales through code-sharing over the next three to four years. This is not a much ambitious goal and we will achieve it soon.”

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