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PIA mandates COVID-19 Test for Passengers Flying to Canada


On Saturday, sources revealed that PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) has made it compulsory to carry out coronavirus tests on every passenger flying to Canada.

The COVID-19 tests will be conducted on every traveler three days before the flight, declared Pakistan International Airlines.

Sources say that that the Canadian health authorities have made it mandatory for all the passengers traveling from PIA to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate.

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Earlier, the Canadian Public Health Agency wrote an email to PIA informing about the presence of coronavirus patients present in a flight PK-783 that flew from Lahore to Toronto.

The email read that from seat number 22 to 28, there were coronavirus positive passengers present in the flight.

As per the sources, the station staff of PIA in Toronto informed the airlines regarding the email sent by the Canadian Health Agency.

The Pakistan International Airlines on the other hand, have encountered the score of the incidents that involved travelers testing positive for COVID-19.

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