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PIA left Two Coffins Behind in New York

An inquiry has been ordered by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after two coffins which were supposed to be flown through the flight were left behind at the New York airport.

The two coffins were supposed to be taken to the Lahore airport on October 28th but were left mistakenly behind at the JFK Airport.

The flight was the last to be flown between New York and Lahore as PIA had suspended it’s this particular route. As per sources, the airline had to take this decision as the route was incurring a loss of Rupees four hundred and fifty million per year.
Etihad Airlines had to intervene and fulfill the job instead. Etihad is UAE’s second largest airline of the United Arab Emirates and is also a flag carrier.

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According to PIA the mistake happened because of the ground handling firm.

PIA expressed its sympathies with the deceased persons family members and was apologetic because of the inconvenience caused by the airline’s ground handling agency.

PIA added in the statement that one of the family members of the deceased had asked for their relative to be buried in Maryland, whereas the second body was being flown by Etihad Airways to Lahore.

PIA reported that it would be looking after all the arrangements and would be bearing all the expenses incurred during the procedures.

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