PIA is acquiring four small aircraft

PIA is acquiring four small aircrafts using the currently approved bailout money of Rs13.2 billion.

PIA spokesman Mashood Tajwar said, “(Upcoming) narrow-body aircraft will replace four A320s in the fleet.”

He further said that the four aircraft will be acquired on dry lease. There will not be any crew or staff along with the aircraft for around 6 to 8 years.

The aircraft is looking for aircrafts that have the capacity for around 120 passengers. Tajwar said, “A320s and Boeing 737s may meet requirements of the airline.”

For Hajj period PIA acquired four jets on wet lease. The spokesperson said, “We will return the aircraft in one go in the next one to two months.”

PIA has also announced that it will take flights from Lahore to Muscat twice a week.

The PIA spokesperson added, “Lahore is a big city that will attract passengers from several parts of Punjab.”

PIA CEO Musharraf Rasool Cyan said, “More flights will be operated on (other) profitable routes with better services to the passengers with the aim of increasing revenues of the airline, which will bring profit.”

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The spokesperson also pointed out that, “small jets are operated on short-to-medium routes whereas long-haul aircraft are used on long routes to make the flights commercially viable”.

Recently PIA also faced expiry product scandal. In a tweet, PIA clarified and said

PIA spokesman strongly refutes the news story aired by ARY News on Saturday. In a statement issued by PIA, the spokesman said that “PIA does not and has not ever used expired hand cologne or any other products on its flights”.


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