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PIA Introduces Mobile App for Flight Booking

Pakistan International Airlines—PIA has introduced a mobile app in collaboration with a Turkish company—Hitit. The application permit users to book and confirm their flights via their smartphones.

The app offers a wide domain of functions including the option of booking a flight, checking up on the flight status, viewing the booking details and checking on the flight schedules.

It needs an Android 4.1 and above and has already got more than a hundred thousand downloads. The file size is 26MBs.

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A ceremony was held for celebrating the first anniversary of the alliance between PIA and Hitit. While speaking at the ceremony, the CEO of PIA—Arshad Malik said that Hitit has assisted the firm to generate significant revenue. He congratulated the officials of Hitit for the year-long partnership and said that this latest development would help in strengthening the alliance between Turkey and Pakistan.

Nur Gokman—the CEO of Hitit also commented on the celebration and added that the alliance between the two firms would go long way and would bring prosperity for both the companies.

At the end of the ceremony, the general managers of both the firms received honorary awards for their services to the new development.

The application of the national flag carrier could be downloaded now at the Google Play Store. The app is not available on Apple’s App Store.

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