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PIA Introduced In-Flight Carts Decorated with Local Truck Art

Pakistan International Airlines have introduced the local “Truck Art” on the in-flight-carts with the organization’s motto calligraphed over them. Additionally, it is offering a chance to visit an exotic destination with just one perfect selfie.

Since some previous months, the national flag carrier is undergoing some noteworthy upgrades and physical alterations. The newly decorated or crafted “Truck art in-flight-carts” is another step towards the positive changes the airline is trying to bring in.

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This would be the first time ever in the history of the airline that such colourful and eye-catching artwork is done on an equipment that is linked to Pakistan’s airline. The artwork is a true depiction of the culture of Pakistan. The creators have also scripted the motto of the firm and some random local truck quotes on the carts in Urdu.

Truck art and Pakistan’s history goes hand in hand. The whole concept of truck art evolves around the decoration of trucks and even rickshaws with complex floral patterns and poetic scriptures. This art form has evolved in most creative and healthy manner.

The addition of the truck art on the in-flight-carts is just not it, the airline has also brought a special limited time offer for all the ones travelling via the national airline. The offer as per the PIA’s announcement is to click a perfect selfie with these truck art imprinted carts and then inbox those clicks to the Pakistan International Airline’s official account and then you could get a chance to win a free ticket to an interesting destination after a lucky draw.

The national flag carrier has not revealed the details or even the name of the exotic destination yet, but one could expect it to be a lifetime most thrilling experience for the lucky winner.

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