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PIA Instructs Work-Friendly Roster for Cabin Crew

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The management of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has given out directives for the work-friendly roster for cabin crew. The directions have been given out for the facilitation of the cabin crew.

As per a statement released on Tuesday by a spokesperson of PIA, the scheduling division of the airlines has been instructed to manage the long-standing demands of the cabin crew for days off and a reduction in the unrequired layovers present abroad.

The new schedule that would be imposed in the months to come would be in line with the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)—PCAA’s air navigation directives as informed by the spokesperson of PIA.

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This would be ensuring proper rest while at the same time it would also maintain flight safety protocols and standards, the spokesperson further added.

He also said that the main reason for this is to give the utmost level of comfort and ease to the cabin crew at home. He further added that such adjustments, particularly provided to the female cabin crew would provide them enough time to spend with their families.

Recently, it was also in news that flights from Peshawar to Malaysia would soon be started in order to facilitate the Pakistanis working in Malaysia. The announcemnt about the inititation of flights on this route was done by the Prime Minister–Imran Khan.

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