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PIA Instructs Cabin Crew Members to Lose Weight

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)—the national flag carrier has instructed the cabin crew members to lose weight for meeting the desired BMI standards.

The circular read that for operating all international layover flights, the management has taken the decision to slowly decrease waiver of 30lbs extra weight to 0lbs in the months to come.

According to the circular, all the cabin crew members who weight 30lbs more than the set limit must lose 5lbs every month until July of this year.

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It further added that if any of the crew members would have 30lbs more from the standard weight after the 31st of January 2019, the member would then be grounded and would be referred to the Air Crew Medical Centre for medical evaluation and treatment until the weight is reduced up to the required standard.

It also mentioned that the weight check of all the cabin crew would be done at their base stations respectively, and detailed data would be maintained for perusing of the management.

The circular also instructed the cabin crew already on weight check to report to the grooming cell up till the 15th of every month for the clearance of international or domestic flights in their next roster.

Crew members have expressed their reservation over the circular and have said that if the circular is not taken back, they would challenge it in the apex court.

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