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PIA Increased Salaries by Rs 915million

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The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has increased salaries by Rs 915million given to the pilots, as hinted by a notification issued by the Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA).

As per the notification the aviation secretary was convinced that the increase of Rs915 million annually was based upon reframing the seventy-five hours guaranteed with ten days off in a month and not associated to any fixed percentage, hence he gave assurance to PALPA Executive Committee that he would do the required for the implementation of the same via the board of directors and Pakistan International Airlines Corporation (PIACL).

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As per the industry experts, earlier PIA was paying the pilots fifty guaranteed flying hours based on their average utilisation, which used to be nearly forty-three to forty-five hours per month.  Now, the PIA flight schedules and the efficient aircraft crew has reduced while the number of pilots is the same, bringing their average use to twenty-eight to thirty hours.

The increase to seventy-five hours guaranteed hours would cost national carrier an extra Rs 915 million per year.

As per an independent aviation professional, the airline is making losses and the Inflight Entertainment System (IFES) of the airline is terminated. The IFES system is upgraded after every 4-5 years by the airlines. With the amount of Rs 915 million, the airline could have worked on the upgradation of the non-functioning IFES. The preference of the airline should be of improving customer experience.

On the other hand, another document revealed that an amount of $5.869 million was paid by the management of PIA Investment Limited (PIAL) in regard to providing post-employment benefits and bonuses to the directors.

According to the document, the key management personnel compensation was $195,378 in the year 2007, which increased to $546,553 by 2012. In the year 2017, the amount was recorded to reach $811,581, indicating a three hundred and fifteen per cent increase in ten years.

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