PIA has Sold its Missing Controversial Aircraft Airbus A310

Pakistan International Airlines has sold its controversial aircraft Airbus A310 to two different parties. The aircraft that was a parked at a German airport since the year 2016 has been successfully sold. The engine is purchased by a Turkish firm while the airframe is purchased by the German airport management where the aircraft was parked.

PIA Spokesperson Mashood Tajwar has made a confirmation that the aircraft that was parked at Leipzig airport in Germany since November 2016 has now been sold.

The aircraft was sold through competitive bidding under the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules. The selling price of the aircraft was not disclosed.

In January 2018, PIA advertised in the American and German newspapers for the sale of the abandoned Airbus aircraft. PIA invited offers under the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules for selling A310 aircraft’s engine and airframe.

Tajwar said, “Sale of the aircraft was completed under the supervision of PPRA. The aircraft engine was sold to a Turkish company ULS Airline Cargo while the airframe was purchased by Leipzig airport management.”

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The aircraft completed its flying life. It has no flying cycles left. The aircraft was sold to Leipzig Airport’s management for Rs 5.6 million by PIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Bernd Hildenbrand. He wanted to display the aircraft in a museum. After this Bernd was removed from his post as CEO of PIA because of corruption charges against him in the leasing of the aircraft and PIA’s management said that the aircraft was missing. This became quite a controversial news back when it happened but it later came into light that the aircraft was chartered by a British Company for a movie scene in Malta. After that, the aircraft flew to Germany where it remained till now.

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