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PIA has 24 active pilots with fake degrees—CAA claims

A representative from CAA further informed the apex court that 12 out of 24 pilots got the stay orders from the court while the verification process of the degrees of PIA employees since 1972 has been completed.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has summoned the CEOs of all national airlines including the Prime Minister of the country at the apex court’s Karachi Registry next week.

Nasir Shah the director of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) appeared before the court and informed the judges that PM Abbasi is the CEO and president of Air Blue airline, “We have also summoned the CEO of Air Blue” as CJP has ordered. “The PM of Pakistan will appear before the court being CEO of Air Blue and not as Prime Minister of the country,” Justice Nisar said. He also added that the issue is largely a conflict of interest though. The CEOs of PIA, Air Blue, Shaheen Airline, and Serene are all summoned, he added.

Summon relates to the case of fake degree holder pilots that are currently working in the airlines. The three-member bench has fixed the appearance of the officials of all airlines, after the being delayed for several months.

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The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Mian Saqib Nisar said during the past four months no report was submitted. In January, Justice Nisar had issued directives to CAA director general Karachi to provide a comprehensive report on the movement of private aircraft on all airports of Pakistan covering last 15 days.

CJP has also issued directives to submit the inquiry report regarding the pilot’s qualification, their certification, their appointments and fake degrees. The CAA had terminated the contracts of at least 39 employees in 2016 on the basis of fake degrees.

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In the year 2014, around 300 PIA workers were fired for carrying fake degrees, complying the orders of Supreme Court. PIA said, out of 6000 degrees of their employees, 350 degrees were found fake.