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PIA grounds three crew members for making a video in uniform

overweight flight attendants

Three crew members of the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) have been landed into the hot water because of a video they made.

As per the details, they aren’t been landed in the hot water for the content of the video though, it’s where they made it and what they were wearing while shooting the video. The specific issue to send them the notices was that they made the video in uniform on a plane.

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According to the content of the video, two air-hostesses and a steward of PIA were pictured in the video bobbing their heads to a Pakistani song and eating a snack in a plane. But the authorities of the national carrier flag have ruled against staff using their mobile phones and making the videos of themselves while in the uniform.

After the video went viral on the social networking platforms, PIA has taken the notice and the staffers have been grounded from the international flights. An inquiry against the crew members has also been ordered.

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