PIA Gives Approval to the New Policy for Cabin Crew

cabin crew

A new policy regarding the ground jobs of the cabin crew has been approved by PIA (Pakistan international airlines).

The approval has been given by the PIA Chief Executive Officer Air Marshal—Arshad Malik. This policy would be valid for both the employees the ones who are permanent and the ones who are on contract.

Application for ground services could only be submitted by those who have completed ten years of service in PIA.

Appointment of the cabin crew in any department is dependent on airline management. The employee assigned for a ground job approved by the management would not be permitted to perform the flight services.

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As per the notification, employees would be bound to fulfill the duty and the shift that is assigned to them on ground service.

According to the notification, the employees could be called for flight services, if the need be.

Only the top performers and selected cabin crew would be deputed for ground jobs within flight services department on the requirement of the company with suitable validation. The employees could be called back for flying duties as per the requirements of the company.

The notification further added that the employees assigned the ground services would be marking their attendance via TMS and all the rules of leaves and promotions and other such rules would be applied to them as applicable on the employees who fall under the admin category.

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