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PIA Flight to Saudi Arab Catches Fire as Engine Failed: Another Accident Added to the List

PIA and accidents go hand in hand. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Riyadh-bound flight PK-755 has caught fire as its engine failed. The plane made an emergency landing at Lahore airport.

Around 300 travelers were on the plane, they are saved but PIA is doomed. The fire erupted in the cargo section. The fire and its intensity were so high that engineering professional staff were also asked to not go near the fire.

The flight was going to Saudi Arabia from Sialkot. As the smoke was detected via plane’s computer systems, the plane made an emergency landing in Lahore. No injuries are reported of passengers and the PIA spokesperson has denied an emergency landing of the plane or plane catching fire in midair. He said that the pilot made a technical landing after he received a smoke warning signal.

He said, “Keeping in mind the safety precautions, the pilot landed the aircraft in Lahore.” He further said that the pilot landed the plane as a precautionary measure and no actual smoke was detected.

Now we can’t say for sure what happened, but the plane did make an emergency landing because of some issue detected. Whatever the reason, isn’t the management of PIA supposed to check, recheck and verify all kinds of issues before allowing a plane to fly. How can you allow a plane to fly that is giving smoke warning immediately after its take-off.

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PIA is dying, it is going through a loss of Rs146 billion, it is suspending flights to USA, its planes are of poor quality, the management is ineffective but again what choice do we have but to keep using PIA planes as a means of transport.

Let’s just add this mishap to the long accident’s list of PIA and forget and forgive as usual.