PIA flight to Peshawar Cleared After Bomb Threat – Research Snipers

PIA flight to Peshawar Cleared After Bomb Threat

bomb threat

Today in Karachi, all the passengers of the PIA’s flight PK-305 were safely offloaded after receiving a bomb threat in Karachi.

The flight was all set to take off from Karachi to Peshawar, the pilot received a message regarding the bomb in the plane. At that time the plane just took off from Karachi airport.

When the pilot got the threat message, he decided to land the plane a little distance away from the Peshawar airport. After landing the pilot told the control tower regarding the message that he received.

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On the other hand, the passengers made it safely to Peshawar and were offloaded safely.

The airport security took the plane under custody and searched all over the plane for the bomb.

But they couldn’t succeed as the threat turned out to be a fake one. Hence the plane was declared clear by the bomb disposal squad.

As per the latest development, Pakistan International Airlines has introduced additional charges for the bulkhead seats both for the domestic and international flights.

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