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PIA Flight Kitchens Follow Health and Hygiene Protocols

The Pakistan International Airlines flight kitchen strictly abides by the safety and hygiene standard practices in the making and packaging of the food items in its kitchens.

This claim was made by the airline’s spokesman on Sunday.

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In response to a few images circulating the social media and news channels, the PIA spokesperson said that all the health, hygiene and safety standards are being followed and applied and regular audits are being carried out.

He was of the point of view that the photos circulating shows individuals alone in acts and in no way represents the airline. These images are solely meant for damaging the national flag carrier’s image. The spokesperson maintained that there is no other purpose of the photos except for spreading negativity relating the airline and so is proved from these viral images.

He further added that an investigation is being carried out by the management for learning that when and during which cooking hours slot were the pictures taken as the photos show only some staff members.

He said that it is sad to see that someone or the other is always trying to damage the airline’s image. It is unfortunate at the end of the airline that some troublemaker who even makes money by being employed with the airline tries to damage the goodwill image of the Pakistan International Airlines.

The airline has been sticking to strict health and hygiene standards. Providing the passengers with safe and hygiene food is among and would remain among the topmost priorities of the management.

Last year PIA had been in a good light by showing goodwill and courteous gestures during flights. An air of positivity was circulating the airline amid its crisis and now these photos are bad for the airline’s reputation.

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