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PIA Flight Delayed Due to Passengers and Cabin Crew Row

Another flight of the Pakistan International Airlines was delayed for like about half an hour after the aircraft’s captain complained to the airport staff regarding two female passengers who were apparently misbehaving with the flight crew.

The flight was en route to Islamabad via Lahore. The delayed flight number was PK-651.

As per the officials, the flight was all set to take off when the captain called the control tower and launched a complain about two women on board who were supposedly misbehaving with the flight crew. The captain also sent a written complaint to the Airport Security Force about the misbehaving women.

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ASF and the vigilance staff offloaded both the female passengers and brought the two ladies to the domestic arrival lounge at the airport.

As per the complaint, the officials said that both the women—Ayesha and Zubaria were part of the cabin crew of a private airline and they misbehaved with the member of the airline’s cabin crew.

The issue was finally solved upon the intervention of the private airline’s station manager—Aurangzeb and the ASF then permitted the flight to take-off after the flight experienced a delay of twenty-seven minutes.

Governor Rafique Rajwana was also travelling on the flight.

Earlier in March, another PIA flight witnessed an indecent occurrence when two passengers fought against each other and apparently one of them attacked the other. Both these ladies were offloaded from the plane.

The fight resulted in causing a delay of about thirty-five minutes, as was informed by the Airport Security Force.

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