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PIA: Fare price cuts by 40 percent between Karachi and Bangkok


Since PIA is struck with the business loss, new strategies are coming into play, Pakistan International Airlines have recently announced a special discount offer on flights between Karachi and Bangkok which reduce the fare price by 40 percent.

PIA currently operates three weekly flights to Bangkok from Karachi airport, the company has placed introductory offer to this route now with the free baggage allowance of 40KG per passenger.

This offer is valid until November 30, 2017, according to a PIA spokesperson. He further said PIA flight PK755 from Sialkot to Riyadh on Wednesday had to make a technical fault landing which wasn’t an emergency landing as highlighted in media.

Apparently, during the flight, there was a smoke detection in the cargo compartment of the plane displayed on the control panel of the aircraft A320. However, the pilot followed the safety standards by opening fire extinguishers and finally made a technical landing at the Lahore airport, he said.

The passengers were taken to lounge after landing while a necessary investigation of the fire was conducted, the technical staff checked the plane thoroughly but no trace of fire and smoke was detected in the cargo compartment. So this was actually a technical fault, a false alarm which made PIA pilot to land the plane as early as possible.

The spokesperson said the aircraft had to go through a complete procedural check by PIA engineering CAA and the time it required to refill the fire extinguishers, PIA called upon an alternative A320 plane to continue the journey of passengers heading towards Riyadh, the flight PK755 took off from Lahore at 2:00 PM meanwhile the aircraft with technical fault became serviceable in the short period of time.