PIA Crew In Malaysia To Reach Islamabad Today


The 18-member crew of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 777 flight, which was stopped by Malaysian authorities due to lease of a plane by a British court, will arrive in Islamabad on Monday.

According to the report, the sources said that the aviation authorities were asked to review the situation after the airline’s concerns over the seizure of PIA aircraft in Malaysia over the lease dispute and subsequent air service agreements with other countries. The division has convened a meeting of the working group headed by senior joint secretary of the aviation division Abdul Sattar Khokhar on Wednesday. The working group was formed after the PIA administration expressed concern over air service agreements with other countries during the previous government.

PIACL’s Chief Commercial Officer and Director of Air Transport will attend the meeting. Sources said that PIA had expressed concern over the air services contracts in the light of major changes in aviation policy by the previous government. Officials believe that the agreements have led to an increase in the number and routes of national airlines. A part of it has to bear heavy losses. The meeting will also review the expansion of numbers, while international routes are also likely to be discussed.

Required amendments to SA / Memorandum of Understanding with other countries and amendment of traffic rights required by PIACL in relevant ASA / Memorandum of Understanding are also on the agenda of this meeting.

Meanwhile, all 172 passengers of the PIA plane caught in Malaysia reached Islamabad on two flights while the 18-member crew, including two pilots, will arrive on Monday. According to the PIA spokesperson, 118 passengers arrived on Emirates Airlines flight EK-614 while the remaining 54 passengers arrived on Qatar Airways flight QR-632 on Sunday morning. Upon arrival, the passengers were greeted by senior PIA officials. A large number of family members of the passengers were present at the Islamabad International Airport. The passengers were happy after landing in their home country and they were heard saying that we were expecting to be accommodated with our plane. “When I heard that the passengers on the PIA plane had been taken off, I was very upset for myself and my family because it included my son who was returning to Pakistan after a long time,” said the boy’s father.

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