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PIA Closes Another International Route – Flights to Kuwait Halted

Pakistan International Airlines has closed yet another route. PIA flights to Kuwait will be halted from February 1st.

It is necessary to mention that PIA has been going through a severe financial loss. As the airline halted its operations to the USA, it went into a deep crisis.

Now as per the official sources PIA from February 1st, 2018 will stop booking flights for Kuwait.

Another news going on about PIA is that the government will sell PIA’s core business by April 15thPrivatisation Minister Daniyal Aziz in a press conference informed that the government is only planning to privatize the core business which includes the management and flight operations of the airline, while the remaining business would continue being the government’s property. Furthermore, it was informed that the government will develop another company that will control all the PIA’s assets.

Coming back to the closing of routes, PIA in November closed routes to three European destinations after it suspended flights to New York. The routes halted were Barcelona in Spain, Paris in France and Milan in Italy.

It is claimed by the airline management that it is suffering losses in billions. Due to lack of money, the service offered by PIA are inadequate thus it’s almost 50% international traveler load in now taken by other global airlines.

Now PIA closing another international route further proves that the airline is dying.

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From making blunders like leaving behind two coffins from New York airport to being accused of illegal hiring, the airline is suffering financially, strategically, technically and just, generally. It has been ages since we heard any good news about the airline. It is necessary now that the airline is privatized, its management is changed and new, fresh people take over it. For the airline to survive, constructive change is necessary.