PIA clarifies another scandal — Using Expired Products

PIA was accused of using expired products and carrying them on board. The hand cologne was pointed out as being expired.

In a tweet, PIA refutes the allegation and said,

PIA spokesman strongly refutes the news story aired by ARY News on Saturday. In a statement issued by PIA, the spokesman said that “PIA does not and has not ever used expired hand cologne or any other products on its flights”.

Pictures were also put along with this statement of hand cologne. The expiry label was shown to prove that the products were absolutely fine.

Furthermore, PIA said on its Facebook page, “The whole stock at PIA stores at all stations are checked and verified as per standard operating procedure, that too in the presence of Security and no expired item and or items are kept at PIA stores.
The expiry dates of available stock are in the range of 2019 – 2020.

The news aired by ARY News is baseless, false and aimed to defame the airline.”

Karachi, December 2, 2017: PIA spokesman strongly refutes the news story aired by ARY News on Saturday . In a statement…

Geplaatst door Pakistan International Airlines op zondag 3 december 2017


Other than this PIA also clarified its position on a report posted by Dawn called ‘PIA’s freefall’. PIA clarified that the current position of the airline is quite promising. Also, there has been no removal of employees by Chairman Muhammad Irfan Elahi. The airline further clarified that the removal of Raheel Ahmed former head of HR was a decision taken by PIA management. The reason was his lack of performance.

PIA concluded, “The clarification states that with a new world-class management team at the helm and a commercially focused new board of directors, PIA has begun serious efforts to turn around its performance and return to profitability. The business plan has examined and analyzed rigorously each route PIA has been operating or should operate based on its current and future potential. Given the PIA`s cash flow constraints, a key to turning PIA around is to stop the heavy bleeding on an urgent basis. The suspension of the New York route, which could not be turned around to profits in a short period of time, achieves just that.”

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