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PIA CEO refuses to take Lucrative Salary Package


The Board of directors of Pakistan International Airlines proposed a lucrative salary package to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik which he turned down.

As per some sources, Arshad Malik was offered 1.9 million rupees as a monthly salary after he retired from the Pakistan Air Force (PAf). But the Chief Executive Officer of PIA refused to take that lucrative salary package and chose the salary package that he was receiving while working on the delegation.

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The coronavirus impacted the airline and its employees and hence Air Marshal Arshad Malik’s salary was slashed down by twenty-five percent. There were some contractual pilots and employees who were receiving 2 million rupees monthly as a salary, reported by Baaghi TV.

The Chief of the national flag carrier stated that he will not take an inflated salary when most of the employees are receiving slashed salaries.

After CEO PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik retired from the Air Force, the federal cabinet gave approval for his appointment.   

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