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PIA Cancels All Flights To China And Japan

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) cancels all flights from Pakistan to Beijing and Tokyo from today onwards, according to the PIA spokesperson, “The commuters are already notified in advance that have plans to travel to these cities.”

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suspended its flight operations to China and Japan amid growing coronavirus threats, the coronavirus death toll has risen to 2619 until February 24 and as many as 79,360 people are diagnosed with active coronavirus.

There are roughly 77,150 people affected in mainland China and 2210 people are affected around the world including Japan, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the US, Taiwan, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, UK, France, and many others.

The top affected country after China is South Korea and Iran also comes at number 7 in terms of the number of diagnosed patients with coronavirus in the country. Pakistan has already closed borders with Iran and directed pilgrims not to visit Iran due to growing coronavirus concerns in the country. The government has also installed scanning measures at the border to scan people thoroughly returning back from Iran.

Earlier, it was reported that Pakistan suspended all passenger flight operations to and from China in the wake of the outbreak, however, the health ministry later clarified that “flight operations to and from China will continue as per normal routine”. But now the government and the airlines are putting drastic measures to combat the growing threat of coronavirus.

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