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PIA Cabin Crew to have Mandatory Alcohol Test before Flight Operations

The national air carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has made it compulsory for its cabin crew to take a “Breathalyzer” test. This would be done in order to know how much alcohol they have in their blood before they are permitted to take flight operation.

This order has been enforced by PIA in order to stop the cabin crew from consuming alcohol during flight operations. These directives will come into effect immediately.

The cabin crew of PIA will be required to take this test before every flight. This is as per the official notification.

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The Breathalyzer test will be carried out at the briefing rooms of the cabin crew by a flight surgeon, a medical officer, or ground staff. This would be done under the supervision of a flight surgeon.

The cabin crew of PIA has been asked to make sure they comply with the latest directives given and fully cooperate with the medical teams.

Disciplinary action will be taken by PIA against the workers that are found with increased level of blood alcohol before the flight operations.

The cabin crew of all the airlines has been given warning against smoking during flights, as per the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The act is punishable, such that licenses can be canceled.

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