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PIA Announces to Cut Fares for Domestic Flights

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PIA has announced to cut fares for domestic flights, as per the reports of local media.

The spokesperson of the national flag carrier announced that Rs.12,000 has been fixed for the one-way ticket which includes all taxes for the various locations including Islamabad and other cities. He further added that new fares had been implemented from Monday.

Previously on the 17th of May, Pakistan International Airlines announced that all the airlines operating the local flights from the airports of Pakistan would be charging similar fares.

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The spokesperson of the national flag carrier provided details over the surged fares being charged by the airlines that time for special domestic flights, he informed that the one-way ticket of any Islamabad or Lahore bound flight from Karachi would cost Rs.22,826 inclusive of all taxes and Rs.22,108 for the Peshwar bound flights from Karachi. The one-way ticket for the Quetta bound flight from Karachi or Lahore or Islamabad would cost Rs.14,448.

As per PIA, the airlines took the decision to charge the same amount from the passengers in terms of tickets after they consulted with the government.

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